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Kids Activity Programs In UAE

Life Skills that Empower Young Minds

We're an experience-focused activity center that aims to equip youngsters with practical and useful skills to help them flourish in everyday life.

From farming to sewing to photography, kids learn and progress through a fun Guild System to become masters of skills and crafts.

Why Should Your Little Ones Be Young Mavens?

Empower them.png

Empower Them

At The Young Mavens, kids will learn technical and life skills that are essential in daily adult life so they could practice being independent at a young age, getting them ready for the world at large

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Encourage Their Curiosity

Most young people are still in the process of getting to know themselves. By becoming a young maven, youngsters can explore various fields to understand their strengths and interests.

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Explore Your Child

The Young Mavens equips parents with the necessary tools to understand their children better so they can utilize this awareness to support them to make better decisions for their future.

A New Concept Coming in 2023

First of its kind in the Middle East, The Young Mavens is a revolutionary idea that aims to prepare children to become more competent adults and be fully prepared to face the world. We are launching in 2023 in the UAE and can’t wait to meet you.

Activity Centers for Kids In UAE

Fun. Growth. Motivation Await your Child

From farming to gardening, from sewing and clothing design to photography, we teach our young mavens technical and life skills that nourish their curiosity and make them get ahead in life with a unique perspective. Let your child learn and explore so they can create a stronger sense of self.

Gardening Classes For Kids In UAE

“The Young Mavens is designed to be a comfortable and fun place where children learn skills that go beyond academia. It equips them with the right mindset and behaviors for success and growth. Our approach makes children value knowledge and encourages them to seek it. The Young Mavens will be an exciting second home for your children where they can socialize, learn, succeed, and get ready to conquer the world.”

The Young Mavens Team

Best Kids Activities In UAE

Give your child the upper hand when they step into the real world

The Young Mavens operates under a Guild System where kids are motivated to progress from being journeymen and journeywomen and move up until they become masters of each skill. Through this fun system, kids are encouraged to continually practice their newfound skills so they can take their expertise well into adulthood. Let your child explore and thrive

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